Raid Log
28/02 02:36
Orcs attacking Carlin from the north-east!
28/02 02:34
Some Orcs are assembling in the woods between Carlin and Northport.
27/02 22:29
Run! Empowered Warlocks sighted east of Edron! There seems to be a very unholy gathering!
27/02 22:27
More monks have gathered at a stone circle west of Edron. Something terrible is going to happen!
27/02 22:26
Some monks have gathered at a stone circle west of Edron. They seem to be up to something.
27/02 18:18
Terrorbirds have been sighted in Trapwood south-east of Port Hope!
27/02 15:14
Zomba, the king of lions is roaming the Darashia desert!
27/02 15:14
Even more lions west of Darashia!
27/02 15:12
There are more lions than usual west of Darashia.
27/02 13:08
Creatures of the forrest have increased in numbers close to Ab'Dendriel!
27/02 08:46
There are dragons rising in Draconia!
27/02 07:13
Hunters roaming looking for targets north of the Green Claw Swamp.
27/02 06:42
Bonebeasts have taken over Ankrahmun Dipthrah tomb!
27/02 06:42
Increased number of Bonebeasts are rattling down in the Ankrahmun Dipthrah tomb!
27/02 05:52
The dreaded wight lead their undead minions to claim the plains of havoc!
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Mortalis launches in !
04 Feb 2024 - Clip Contest!
Posted by Nisyrk
Greetings SoE patrons! I am happy to announce it is time for yet another SoE best in-game clip contest!

How to enter?

Simply post your best in-game clips inside the designated channel in our discord! You can post as many as you like and they can be anything from great successes to hilarious failures or whatever else you choose! Please indicate in your clip posting which category you are wishing to enter else we will assign one based on the content.

What about rewards?

1st place- The user with the highest upvoted in-game clip capture in their category will have their choice between $100 or 1500 shop points

2nd place- The user with the second highest upvoted in-game clip capture in their category will have their choice between $50 or 750 shop points

3rd place- The user with the third highest upvoted in-game clip capture in their category will win 500 shop points





Each category will have their own 1st 2nd and 3rd placements! We will also choose one additional winner for the most unique clip submitted. 10 total winners and over $500 in prizes in this contest!

Deadline on this is 3 weeks so dont hesitate to start sending in clips! The competition will end and winners decided on February 23rd!

Best of luck to all!
17 Jun 2023 - Frosthaven Release
Posted by Taoprox
A chill is in the air!

Leo has been working hard on deciphering ancient markings found in an ancient dungeon that has been recently discovered. He needs help to synchronise a portal to connect our world with an unknown realm.
He mentioned something about powerful warlocks contain the key to energising this portal, but they won't give up this secret so easily!
See you in-game!
16 Feb 2023 - Character Auction Release!
Posted by Taoprox
It is finally here! You can now buy and sell characters safely with premium points.
You can create a bidding auction, list your character for immediate sale, or why not the best of both.

The live auctions page is automatic, so you can get live updates without the need of refreshing the page. If you win an auction, head over to the My Auctions page so you can rename the character and claim it. If you have listed a character and it failed to sell, you will need to claim it here too and then relist if you wish.

There are a few ground rules. You can list, bid on or buy as many characters as you want, Once you list a character, you cannot login to it in-game. You cannot bid on your own auctions. The account must not be banned. A character must be level 50 or over. You have to place a deposit of 25 premium points when listing an auction, which you get back when the listing ends, the character is bought or fails to sell. We take a 2% sales tax of all successful sales.
10 Feb 2023 - Northern Zao
Posted by Taoprox
A recent report states that a fleet of ships coming from afar have reached the shores of Chor. Whispers of the lands of Northern Zao and the ancient city of Razachai may appear to be true.
Go and see for yourself! You may find that not everything is as simple as it seems...
31 Dec 2022 - Happy New Year SoE!
Posted by Nisyrk