Raid Log
20/07 14:41
Let da mashing begin! Cyclops riot east of Thais!
20/07 13:11
The barbarians are preparing for a final assault on Svargrond. Hide or fight!
20/07 13:10
The barbarians attacks on Svargrond are becoming more and more fierce!
20/07 13:09
Raiders are attacking Svargrond!
20/07 13:08
Some invaders might try to access Svargrond via the ice to the south west.
20/07 13:08
Scouts report a barbarian army gathering near Svargrond.
20/07 12:18
Darashia is being overwhelmed by Diabolic beings!
20/07 12:15
The undead are attacking Darashia!
20/07 12:06
Sightings of undead, west of Darashia! Imminent invasion is suspected!
20/07 11:04
Svargrond is under attack!
20/07 11:04
Some invaders might try to access Svargrond via the ice to the North.
20/07 11:04
Rival barbarians gathering near Svargrond
20/07 10:02
The barbarian pack is roaming around in Bittermor!
20/07 10:02
Barbarians are gathering at Bittermor. They seem to be up to something!
20/07 09:31
Terrorbirds have been sighted in Trapwood south-east of Port Hope!
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Nirvanum launches in !
24 May 2024 - New World!
Posted by Nisyrk
May 31st we will release the first SoE world where potions and runes on hotkeys will be allowed. This is an 8.0 feature, however it’s important to note we will be taking NO other 8.0 features such as soul points and other handicaps. For all other intensive purposes the game functions as always with 7.4 rules in effect for monster luring, roping, etc. We are admittedly behind on a few things we are playing catch up on but rest assured we will finish up our priorities while getting this new variant online! I have a lot more information to follow over the weekend and we may do a public Q&A as well. For now stay tuned we will announce when registration is open and I will leave you with this:

Friday, May 31 13:00 EST Nirvanum world release!

8.0 Style hotkeys on Runes & Potions!

1x Rates

Normal PvP Rules!

East Coast US Host!

31 Mar 2024 - Happy Easter!
Posted by Nisyrk
Easter event schedule for all worlds is posted below. This is a SAFE DEATH boss event where all participants will receive rewards if they participated in damaging the boss! Nothing to lose but fun times and good loot to gain! We hope to see you!

March 31 - 11:00 AM
March 31 - 5:00 PM

April 1 - 1:00 PM
April 1 - 6:00 PM

April 2 - 12:00 PM
April 2 - 4:00 PM

April 3 - 2:00 PM
April 3 - 7:00 PM

April 4 - 1:00 PM

April 5 - 4:00 PM
(finale with item drop party!)

Dev Q&A April 4 - 2:00 PM

All times are in EST and viewable in discord events translated to your local time. In addition to the boss events, players can expect increased city raiding and various other staff hosted events throughout the week as well as our Dev Q&A on April 4th! Please have a fun safe holiday and thank you from all of us at SoE!
17 Jun 2023 - Frosthaven Release
Posted by Taoprox
A chill is in the air!

Leo has been working hard on deciphering ancient markings found in an ancient dungeon that has been recently discovered. He needs help to synchronise a portal to connect our world with an unknown realm.
He mentioned something about powerful warlocks contain the key to energising this portal, but they won't give up this secret so easily!
See you in-game!
16 Feb 2023 - Character Auction Release!
Posted by Taoprox
It is finally here! You can now buy and sell characters safely with premium points.
You can create a bidding auction, list your character for immediate sale, or why not the best of both.

The live auctions page is automatic, so you can get live updates without the need of refreshing the page. If you win an auction, head over to the My Auctions page so you can rename the character and claim it. If you have listed a character and it failed to sell, you will need to claim it here too and then relist if you wish.

There are a few ground rules. You can list, bid on or buy as many characters as you want, Once you list a character, you cannot login to it in-game. You cannot bid on your own auctions. The account must not be banned. A character must be level 50 or over. You have to place a deposit of 25 premium points when listing an auction, which you get back when the listing ends, the character is bought or fails to sell. We take a 2% sales tax of all successful sales.
10 Feb 2023 - Northern Zao
Posted by Taoprox
A recent report states that a fleet of ships coming from afar have reached the shores of Chor. Whispers of the lands of Northern Zao and the ancient city of Razachai may appear to be true.
Go and see for yourself! You may find that not everything is as simple as it seems...