Raid Log
30/05 15:55
Darashia is being overwhelmed by Diabolic beings!
30/05 15:52
The undead are attacking Darashia!
30/05 15:43
Sightings of undead, west of Darashia! Imminent invasion is suspected!
30/05 13:42
Orcs are attacking Rookgaard!
30/05 13:41
Rookgaard is overrun with orcs!
30/05 13:39
Orcs in Rookgaard have been seen moving in large groups.
30/05 11:35
Rat Plague in Thais!
30/05 05:09
Terrorbirds have been sighted in Trapwood south-east of Port Hope!
30/05 04:38
The priestesses in Drefia are preparing a black celebration.
30/05 03:36
Rat Plague in Thais!
30/05 03:07
Orc numbers continue growing under Edron!
30/05 03:05
Deep under Edron, the Orc population seems to grow rapidly. Beware!
29/05 17:47
Majestic creatures with stripes roam the small desert at Meriana.
29/05 17:19
Evil Cultists have called an ancient evil into the volcano on Goroma. Beware of its power mortals.
29/05 17:17
There is an evil presence at the volcano of Goroma.
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Nirvanum launches in !
War Bear
Most hunters use a Slingshot to knock out the bear. They can then tame it.

You can find them all over the continent.
Black Sheep
Black sheep are very submissive creatures, just throw some Reins over it and you're good to go.

You can find them all over the continent.
Wild Horse
Wild horses are a rare sight around the eastern grounds of Thais. They apparently love Sugar Oat.

You can find them east of Thais. (randomly)
Pandas are pretty greedy but can be a very sociable companion, just feed them some Bamboo Leaves.

You can find them south of Port Hope.
Donkeys have been extinct for a long time, however an old witch near Thais likes to transform creatures into donkeys from time to time, and they love a Bag of Apple Slices.
White Deer
A very proud creature and an excellent companion. They will only accept a great gesture, like handing them a Golden Fir Cone.

You can find them all near Femor Hills, Ab'denriel and Carlin.
Rumour has it that Ursagrodon fossils have been discovered in Chyllefrost. You might need something to melt them from the ice, such as a Melting Horn.

You can find their fossils in Chyllefrost.
Terror Bird
Despite being annoying, a terror bird can be very protective of their owners. Dangle a Carrot on a stick infront of them and see if you can tame one.

You can find them south of Port Hope.
Dromedaries are the ultimate desert walkers. Very stubborn creatures though, you may need a Fist on a stick to subdue one.

You can find them near Darashia and Northern Ankhramun.
Although small, boars are strong creatures that can hold some weight. You can bring one under control with the use of a Hunting Horn.

You can find them in the Outlaw Camp.
Wailing Widow
Wailing Widows are sharp and fast creatures. Perhaps some Sweet Smelling Bait will be enough to tame one.

You can find them in Zao Plains.
Ladybugs arent interested in a lot of things. Many adventurers tried multiple ways to tame one, and the only thing that seemed to work was a Four-Leaf Clover.

You can find them in the Hive near Venore.
Sandstone Scorpion
Not much is known about the Sandstone Scorpion. Ancient hieroglyphs suggest a Scorpion Sceptre was used to control them.

You can find them deep in Horestis' tomb.
A contraption built by worker golems in the golem factories of Edron. It needs some lubricating though, from a Golden Can of Oil perhaps.
Dragonlings are a species of dragon from a distant world, only accessible through interdimensional portals. They are affectionate creatures, so you may need to give it a present, like a Decorative Ribbon.

You can find them in the Fury Dungeon.
A gigantic ancient lobster roams the underwater realm of Calassa. It feasts on Giant Shrimp, however it seems to hide a lot.

You can find them in Calassa.
Undead Cavebear
A demonic ritual by Liches sometimes conjures a spawn of undead cavebears. You need a Maxilla Maximus to complete the ritual in order for them to remain in the world.

You can find them in Lich Hell.
Draptors are the result of years of strict breeding techniques. A special Harness is required to keep command of one.

Their whereabouts are unknown.
Midnight Panther
Midnight panthers are rare jungle beasts that usually hunt at night. If you find one, you can subdue it with a Leather Whip. But be careful, they frighten easy.

They have been spotted in Tiquanda.
Magma Crawler
Not much is known about Magma Crawlers, except that they attracted to a concoction called Glow Wine.

Their whereabouts are unknown.
Manta Ray
Manta Rays are extremely rare sea creatures. A fisherman once claimed he caught one, using a Foxtail as bait.

Their whereabouts are unknown.