Raid Log
30/05 15:43
Sightings of undead, west of Darashia! Imminent invasion is suspected!
30/05 13:42
Orcs are attacking Rookgaard!
30/05 13:41
Rookgaard is overrun with orcs!
30/05 13:39
Orcs in Rookgaard have been seen moving in large groups.
30/05 11:35
Rat Plague in Thais!
30/05 05:09
Terrorbirds have been sighted in Trapwood south-east of Port Hope!
30/05 04:38
The priestesses in Drefia are preparing a black celebration.
30/05 03:36
Rat Plague in Thais!
30/05 03:07
Orc numbers continue growing under Edron!
30/05 03:05
Deep under Edron, the Orc population seems to grow rapidly. Beware!
29/05 17:47
Majestic creatures with stripes roam the small desert at Meriana.
29/05 17:19
Evil Cultists have called an ancient evil into the volcano on Goroma. Beware of its power mortals.
29/05 17:17
There is an evil presence at the volcano of Goroma.
29/05 17:15
The ancient volcano on Goroma slowly becomes active once again.
29/05 15:43
Slowly but steady, the population of tortoises grows near Liberty Bay.
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