Raid Log
30/05 15:55
Darashia is being overwhelmed by Diabolic beings!
30/05 15:52
The undead are attacking Darashia!
30/05 15:43
Sightings of undead, west of Darashia! Imminent invasion is suspected!
30/05 13:42
Orcs are attacking Rookgaard!
30/05 13:41
Rookgaard is overrun with orcs!
30/05 13:39
Orcs in Rookgaard have been seen moving in large groups.
30/05 11:35
Rat Plague in Thais!
30/05 05:09
Terrorbirds have been sighted in Trapwood south-east of Port Hope!
30/05 04:38
The priestesses in Drefia are preparing a black celebration.
30/05 03:36
Rat Plague in Thais!
30/05 03:07
Orc numbers continue growing under Edron!
30/05 03:05
Deep under Edron, the Orc population seems to grow rapidly. Beware!
29/05 17:47
Majestic creatures with stripes roam the small desert at Meriana.
29/05 17:19
Evil Cultists have called an ancient evil into the volcano on Goroma. Beware of its power mortals.
29/05 17:17
There is an evil presence at the volcano of Goroma.
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Nirvanum launches in !
Across the vast Souls of Elysium continent, Cursed Chests can spawn in a random place at any time.
They stay around for a while, before despawning and spawning somewhere else.
Stand next to the chest, and say the phrase "aperta" to open it.
A dialog will popup enabling you to open it, or remove it.
A portal will summon, giving you access to the arena.
This portal will stay open for 60 seconds, and once entered, you cannot return.
Battle through 5 challenging waves of demonic and diabolic creatures.
You have a total of 15 minutes, 3 minutes per wave to complete the challenge.
Defeating all the waves unlocks the true treasure of the chest for all participants.
You get 60 seconds to loot your rewards, after which you will be teleported back.